Just got back from watching a film called “The Competition” which documents the process of 5 of the most famous architects (Gehry, Hadid, Nouvel, Perrault, Foster) all competing for the same commission in Andorra. While pretty raw and at times bordering on silly, the doco was an inspiring look at the discussions, processes and decisions which lead to some of the world’s most bombastic architecture.

Speaking of bombastic architectural competitions, CMD is excited to announce that the small yet mighty Convertible Courtyards House has been selected as a finalist in the Premier’s Design Awards. When we first saw the list of entries we were a bit daunted by the caliber of work entered by Victoria’s leading firms and we’re incredibly honoured and proud to still be in the running.

Can the Convertible Courtyards house take on heavy hitters like the City of Greater Dandenong – New Municipal Building and Civic Square by Lyons? We’re happy enough just to be mentioned on the same page as most of the esteemed entrants.

Check out all of the entries (including ours) here:

Premier’s Design Awards

In other news, things are moving fast around the CMD world and, per usual, we’ve been busy!

We’ve added Arshia Baloutch to our team last month and the ongoing office joke is that CMD is turning into the United Nations. With Arshia originally from Iran, Luciano “the Argentinian hit” Rodriguez and the always smooth Bosnian in Vedad Hurich the only continents that aren’t currently represented are Africa and Antarctica. The result is that there is never a shortage of varied and fresh influences floating around the studio. **Please note job candidates originally from either Africa or Antarctica can submit their CV to Proficiency on a kiteboard, while not required, is a plus.

We’ve just started some exciting new projects:
-Two houses in Newport on Douglas Parade, one of the houses will have a killer view over the bay towards the CBD.
-A large extension and renovation in Caulfield that will focus on a pretty impressive and prolific cumquat tree.
-and the most recent addition to our quiver of projects (which we’re thrilled about) is a new house in Yarraville. The project is to be built on a very cool and quirky site with what should be quite challenging and engaging design problems.

We’ve recently received planning permission on several of our projects including:
-A new house in Malvern
-Two houses in Caulfield North
-A renovation and second floor extension to a heritage home in Middle Park
-The wide angle house (Mt Eliza Residence)

That means that we’re now documenting up a storm and getting the projects tender ready. We’re looking forward to seeing these projects get built. We’re, certainly, quite proud of all four.

Hopefully we’ll be getting planning permission on three additional projects (5 apartments in Toorak, 7 Aparments in South Yarra and 5 Apartments in Brighton East) in the coming month as well.

Our Toorak renovation to an original Marcus Martin house on Myrnong Crescent has commenced construction earlier this month:

toorak renovation extension architect marcus martin

Groovy in situ concrete benchtops have gone into our Western Wing House in the kitchen and ensuite:

concrete benchtop

concrete kitchen island architect megowan elwood

The Casual House is less than a week away from completion and it’s turned out great. The happy clients are excited to move out of their temporary digs and back into the family home:
rear image

Lastly, we’ve managed to design, construct and stencil graffiti a food truck for my wife, who, it should be said, makes me appreciate my other clients. She’s very demanding, gets everything for free and is quite pushy with deadlines! Love you sweetie! 😉

Danger-Dog-Development Megowan

Behold the (almost) finished product:

danger dog food truck

Alright, time for bed.

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