Buildings are much more than the sum of their walls, roofs and features. They are more than bricks and mortar, concrete and timber. They are more than timeless spaces. They are the life that happens within those spaces. For the last decade, Megowan has been designing life into spaces.

Creating the perfect award-winning homes, at multiple scales, as individual as their owners and their contexts. These are spaces that make for wonderful experiences, that heighten the everyday and bring a smile to your face as you walk through the front door.

The foundations of great architecture aren’t just space and light, they’re character and life.


The truth is, most architects make their designs feel like expressions of them. Not their owners. Megowan is unique in their collaboration and down to earth approach, and this is because of a unique philosophy; the best architecture is a sublime reflection of the people that live there.


Architecture isn’t about spaces. It’s about the lives that those spaces enable and enrich.  Architecture is a means to your best life.


Christopher Megowan has passionately dedicated himself to the study, teaching and practice of Architecture, design and development. Christopher earned a Bachelor of Architecture (5 Year professional degree) from the University of Southern California in 2008 where he received numerous honours, scholarships, grants and awards. Acting as owner, designer, and developer, he completed his first built work prior to graduating University. Since then, he has been involved in projects ranging from bar & cafe fitouts to single family homes & 50 unit mixed use developments. Prior to starting M – A, Christopher cut his teeth working for award winning Architecture practices in Los Angeles, London, and Melbourne. Christopher has taught multiple design and construction studios at the University of Melbourne and Monash University at both undergraduate and graduate levels as well as served as a guest critic in Architecture for several different courses. Christopher Megowan Design Pty. Ltd. trading as “Megowan Architectural” is a registered Architectural company in the state of Victoria. Christopher Megowan is a Registered Architect, Registered Building Practitioner and a member of Architeam.


Extensions/renovations with construction budgets of $500,000.00 & up
New Homes with construction budgets of $750,000.00 & up
Multi Family & Hospitality Developments with construction budgets of $1,200,000.00 & up


Thinking of developing a site? Reach out, we have extensive experience with all stages of development and we’d be happy to help out.



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