A total overhaul of renovations and extensions to an existing Art Deco home in Toorak.  No surface was left untouched.  The scope of works required a full internal reorganization while still retaining many critical Art Deco elements from the original house.  Period appropriate skirting boards, cornices, wall panelling, coffered ceilings, windows and doors were all specified and designed to create a clear link to the heritage of the original house.

A new skylit spiral stair serves as the central feature of the home and all spaces radiate off this central stair.  The renovation is organized around a centre line through the middle of the house which links the front entry doors, the center of the main stair, the central circular skylight, a first floor study, the pool, and the formal dining area.  A new lift was added to connect basement, ground and first floors.

Finally a large basement featuring a gym, wine cellar, guest room, 6 carspaces, and tiered home theatre was added below the house.  Given the exuberance and glamour that characterised the Deco style, the underwater cinema complete with a window to the pool somehow feels like the perfect homage to this indulgent decorative style.

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